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Dentist explaining an xray to a woman patient at Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJIf you suffer discomfort or even pain with extreme temperature changes to food and drinks, or there are overly sensitive areas when brushing or flossing, you may have receding gums.

If you are having these issues, you might be a candidate for gum grafting. This means the gums are pulling away from the teeth and exposing the roots of the teeth. The roots are highly sensitive, and when exposed to drastic temperature differences can react by causing you pain. This can happen and get worse over time, and although it may simply be a minor annoyance in the beginning it can be a serious problem one day.

Gum grafts can help with diminishing the sensations and improve overall gum health. Contact Periodontal Health Professionals, and we can determine if a gum graft would be beneficial to you.

Gum Recession Causes

While gum recession can be caused by prescription medication, hormonal changes, genetic conditions, or tobacco use, the biggest cause is the lack of good oral hygiene. Without proper brushing and flossing, gums will begin to pull away from the base of the teeth. Prescription medication can dry out the mouth and not keep gums moist.

What Types of Gum Grafts Are Available?

A free gingival graft takes healthy tissue from the patient and removes it from the roof of their mouth. This is then placed on the area in need of treatment. It will prompt tissue regrowth and shrink the pockets.

A connective tissue graft is the second type. This involves removing tissue from the uppermost layers of the gums. This is then placed on the area in need of treatment and is by far the most widely used graft.

A pedicle graft uses gum tissue next to the area in need of treatment. It is very effective because it does not halt the blood flow through the tissue. This is accomplished by making a small incision and folding over the gum tissue on the affected area.

The Benefits of Gum Grafts

While patients might not like needing gum grafts, if they are suffering the latter stages of periodontal disease, they might not have a choice. Gum disease is highly destructive and progressive. It can affect the patient's dental health and medical health too.

The grafts can be used to shrink the small pockets which form between the gums and teeth where food particles can collect and further damage the gum tissue.

Call Your Marlton, NJ Periodontist About Gum Disease Today!

Gum recession may be recognized by the patient who does frequent self-examinations but, in some cases, it requires a professional examination to determine if in fact there is recession. As always, patients should maintain the practice of daily flossing and brushing regimens to maintain good oral health. Please contact Periodontal Health Professionals at (856) 702-4340 to schedule your initial examination and assessment.

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Gum grafts can help with diminishing the sensations of receding gums - like pain & sensitivity - and improve overall gum health. Call us to schedule!
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