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Laser LANAP Services Marlton NJ

LANAP Therapy in Marlton, NJLaser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (Laser LANAP) services offer a revolutionary approach to treating gum disease, using advanced laser technology for less invasive, more effective treatment.

At Periodontal Health Professionals, we are your trusted destination for this innovative care.

What Is Laser LANAP?

Laser LANAP is an FDA-cleared laser treatment for periodontitis that is highly precise, targeting diseased areas around the gums while leaving healthy tissues intact. Laser LANAP is a scientifically proven treatment that leads to genuine periodontal regeneration, fostering the growth of new bone and gum tissues.

How Does Laser LANAP Work?

Laser LANAP provides periodontists with the necessary tools to remove diseased tissue from infected gums and eliminate bacteria deep within the gum pockets without the need for a scalpel or incisions.

Laser LANAP acts as a perio probe, identifying excessively deep pockets. The radiation of the laser vaporizes bacteria and diseased tissue, simultaneously alerting the periodontist to tartar in the targeted area.

Dr. Childers then uses an ultrasonic scaler and handheld instruments to remove accretions on the surface of the root.

Benefits of Laser LANAP Treatment

Periodontics has witnessed significant technological advancements. The development of dental lasers is one such advancement that has simplified periodontal practice. Laser LANAP treatment offers several benefits for patients:
•  LANAP improves patient experiences during treatment and ensures precision, thanks to its specific wavelength that selectively eradicates bacteria from deep within gum pockets.
•  Additionally, the disease treatment minimizes risks as it does not affect healthy tissues around the treatment area.
•  Laser LANAP also halts the progression of periodontal disease while enhancing the regeneration and repair of previously diseased gums.

Is Laser LANAP Right for You?

Candidacy for Laser LANAP

Laser LANAP treatment is suitable for individuals showing signs of active periodontal disease. It has become the preferred choice for treating symptoms such as bone loss around teeth, loose teeth, significant probing depths, and attachment loss. If you have particularly sensitive gum tissue, you may be an ideal candidate for Laser LANAP treatment.

Moreover, this treatment is a good fit for people who have bleeding disorders or are on blood thinners. Also, if someone has a heart condition and might not do well with regular surgery, Laser LANAP can be a better choice for their gum treatment.

Furthermore, patients on bisphosphonates, which are used for chronic bone conditions, are excellent candidates for Laser LANAP due to its ability to promote healing in chronic bone wounds.

Conditions Treated by Laser LANAP

Laser LANAP treatment is ideally suited for addressing various dental conditions. It is particularly effective for patients with loose gums and teeth. This treatment also addresses issues such as excessive gum bleeding, pain during brushing, red and swollen gums, and gingival pockets that are approximately five millimeters deep between the teeth and gum.

The Laser LANAP Experience

What to Expect During Treatment

Before beginning LANAP, you will undergo a comprehensive periodontal evaluation at our practice. Our periodontist, Dr. Childers, will assess the severity of your gum disease and determine if LANAP is the appropriate treatment for you. Once you agree to proceed, our periodontist will provide guidelines to follow before the surgery day, such as to avoid food and drinks for a specific period before the session.

During the procedure, our periodontist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. The laser then removes bacteria and diseased tissue from the gum pockets. The procedure typically results in less bleeding and minimal discomfort, allowing for a quick recovery.

Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery and aftercare following LANAP are crucial for optimal healing and comfort.

Patients typically experience less pain and discomfort compared to traditional gum surgery due to the minimally invasive nature of LANAP. Bleeding is minimal but may occur shortly after the procedure. It is important to follow the instructions given regarding oral hygiene to prevent infection and promote healing. Gentle brushing and flossing around the treated area are advised, avoiding direct contact with the gums.

Diet plays a significant role in recovery. Initially, opt for a soft or liquid diet to avoid irritating the treated area. Examples include yogurt, soup, and smoothies.

Follow-up appointments are essential to monitor healing and ensure the success of the treatment. It is also important to maintain regular dental checkups and cleanings as recommended by the periodontist.

Why Choose Our Board-Certified Periodontist?

At Periodontal Health Professionals, we believe that periodontal and dental implant procedures should only be performed by board-certified periodontists. Our board-certified periodontist has undergone extensive training in diagnosing, treating, and preventing periodontal disease.

Qualifications and Expertise

The expertise of our periodontist begins with an undergraduate degree, generally in science. They then earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Post-doctoral training in periodontics, typically a residency program, hones skills in periodontal disease treatment, dental implants, and cosmetic periodontal procedures. Board certification, through exams and peer review, validates their proficiency. Continuous learning and recertification ensure they stay current with evolving techniques and knowledge.

Testimonials and Success Stories

In addition to the board certifications and rigorous educational background of our periodontists, we pride ourselves on the wealth of testimonials and success stories from our patients. These stories reflect our commitment to excellence in periodontal care and further highlight the trust and satisfaction our patients have in our services.

FAQs About Laser LANAP

Is Laser LANAP painful?

Laser LANAP is generally not painful as it is a minimally invasive procedure. The laser reduces bleeding and promotes rapid healing, typically resulting in minimal pain or discomfort.

How long does the treatment take?

Typically, our periodontist will take two to three hours to perform LANAP treatment, spread over two sessions. The first session focuses on one half of the mouth, and the second session addresses the other half.

Are there any side effects?

Laser LANAP treatment has few side effects. Some patients might experience slight bleeding, swelling, and partial gum discoloration following the procedure.

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