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Gingival Contouring Marlton NJ

Woman with big smile after gum lift surgery at Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJWhile it might sound like some futuristic procedure, in reality, it's very common.

Gingival contouring is the medical term for gum reshaping. This is typically added as a component to a multi-procedural surgery to correct several problems at once. We each have a unique gumline and while some are uneven, too tall, or not tall enough, the gingival contouring procedure can address and correct this. This is considered a cosmetic procedure in most cases.

Marlto, NJ area patients who are considering having this procedure, or simply want to find out more about it can contact Periodontal Health Professionals to find out more today!

Gingival Contouring to Fix a "Gummy Smile"

When patients show too much gum tissue when smiling, they are said to have a 'gummy' smile. This occurs when a patient's gum tissue covers up a large portion of the teeth. It makes them appear to have short teeth.

These patients really do not have short teeth. They simply are not showing the entire portion of the tooth. Gingival contouring will take care of this by removing the excess gum tissue with a scalpel or a soft tissue laser to improve the overall look of the smile and the amount of tooth exposed.

In some cases, gums have begun to recede from the base of the tooth. Healthy gum tissue or a graft is taken from a healthy area of the mouth and applied to areas in need.

Gingival Contouring to Treat Gum Disease

While widely considered cosmetic, a gingival contouring procedure can be medically necessary if the patient is suffering from the latter stages of periodontal disease.

Obviously, our board certified periodontist tries to avoid invasive options. But in many cases, non-surgical treatments, such as antibiotic courses and deep cleaning treatments, are simply not effective enough to halt the course of the disease.

Antibiotics and deep cleaning are utilized first to remove the bacteria causing periodontal disease. When those fail to address the symptoms in a satisfactory manner, pocket reduction surgery and bone grafting can be relied upon.

While gingival contouring may seem overly involved, it is a relatively simple procedure performed by a soft tissue laser which ensures a low rate of infection in the surgical field. It actually seals the tissue as it is removing the excess tissue.

How Is a Gingival Contouring Procedure Done?

Our board-certified periodontist is an expert at performing this procedure. While sedation dentistry will be needed to successfully complete the procedure, gingival contouring only requires a local anesthetic to provide a comfortable environment for the patient. In those cases where a patient may be overly concerned or anxious about the procedure, we can recommend a general anesthetic.

Gingival Contouring Recovery

While it may be common sense, it should be noted that patients should definitely watch what they eat in the first few days following the procedure. Sharp and hard foods should be avoided as should any aggressive physical activity.

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If you would like to improve the appearance of your smile and want to find out more about the gingival contouring procedure, please contact Periodontal Health Professionals today at (856) 702-4340.

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Gingival Contouring Marlton NJ
Gingival contouring is the medical term for gum reshaping, typically part of a multi-procedural surgery to correct several problems at once. Call us today!
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