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Dental Consequences of Periodontal Disease

Diagram of a healthy tooth versus a tooth with periodontitis.Destructive to both hard tissue such as jawbone and teeth, gum disease can also destroy the soft tissues of the gum and tongue. While many people simply fail to realize that gum disease is incredibly progressive and in the latter stages incurable, it is true.

The initial stage is the only point in time when the disease can be cured, and the symptoms reversed. Once beyond this point, the symptoms can and will cause sweeping changes and issues leading to pain and tooth loss.

For most patients, brushing and flossing are part of their regular routine after they get up in the morning and before they go to bed at night, but for many more, it is not. When skipping these for a few days, they figure it will not matter all that much. In fact, they could not be more wrong. Even when skipping just a single day, the bacteria which is naturally found in the oral cavity can build up to the point of becoming aggressive, damaging the tissues found in the mouth, leading to periodontal disease.

If diagnosed with periodontal disease, patients will suffer a lifelong commitment to maintenance procedures, resulting in unnecessary pain and incredibly high cost. Please, if you have been diagnosed with the disease and are unsure of how to proceed or if you suspect you may have the early stages of gum disease contact Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJ or Turnersville, NJ.

Periodontal Disease Consequences

These bacteria, which can reach dangerous levels, will begin to deteriorate the teeth and gums by shifting into tartar build up along the gumline at the base of the tooth. This, over time, will change into plaque. This aggravates the gums and causes them to become red and inflamed, leading to gingivitis. Patients may notice pain and soreness along their lower jaw, bloody gums, and acute tooth pain.

A change in gum color is not uncommon and oversensitivity to cold and hot things can be indicators of periodontal disease. This can impact the way a patient chews and make it painful to floss and brush.

As the progress of periodontal disease moves into later stages, the symptoms become far worse. Odd-looking discharges can be noticed between teeth or along the gumlines. It is not uncommon for open sores to appear on the tongue or the roof of the mouth. While discomfort may be something patients have dealt with for some time, the acute pain they can experience is not.

As the supportive nature of the gums becomes too weak to provide a sturdy base for teeth, patients may notice their teeth becoming loose. Without the gums tightly hugging the base of the teeth, decay can easily set in. Once this happens, tooth loss will become increasingly common causing the remaining teeth to try and shift to new positions creating an even greater problem for both the oral cavity and the upper and lower jawbones. This can cause undue strain on the remaining teeth and cause stress on the TMJ as well.

Available Treatment

Perhaps the most notable consequence is the simple fact that once a patient is diagnosed with later stages of periodontal disease, it becomes a lifelong commitment. Maintenance procedures need to be done three to four times a year for the remainder of the patient's life.

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Consequences of Gum Disease Marlton NJ
Destructive to both hard tissue such as jawbone and teeth, gum disease can also destroy the soft tissues of the gum and tongue. Call us today & schedule!
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