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Frenectomy Marlton NJ

Child sticking out her tongue at Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJThough it may sound like a made-up procedure, it is not. This procedure is actually quite common and performed to correct any number of problems. The procedure involves removing excess tissue found in the oral cavity.

This tissue is found above the front teeth attaching the gum to the upper lip. When this tissue is removed, it is known as a labial frenectomy. When similar tissue is removed from the underside of the tongue, the procedure is called a lingual frenectomy.

Whether patients have a frenulum they would like addressed or they have found their children in need of a frenectomy, we recommend coming to see us to discuss the available procedures. Come see us today to get answers at Periodontal Health Professionals.

What Issues Does a Frenectomy Fix?

Not surprisingly, genetics is the root cause of the excessive tissue. It is the finger of connective material found either beneath the patient's tongue or behind the upper lip. When patients stretch their tongues to touch the roof of their mouths, the lingual frenum is easily discernible as it appears like a thin sliver of tissue.

A serious condition involving the lingual frenum is known as ankyloglossia or being tongue-tied. It means the frenum is too short and the tongue is not allowed to freely move in the patient's mouth. Oddly enough, males suffer from this at a much higher rate than females.

With the tongue restricted, patients have a difficult time enunciating their words, and, in many cases, cannot swallow without difficulty. In infants, it can affect their ability to latch on for proper breastfeeding. With a lingual frenectomy, all of these symptoms can be corrected. It is a simple surgery and can instantly improve the tongue's natural movement.

The labial frenum is found above the front upper teeth and can be seen by turning the upper lip inside out. A lip adhesion occurs when this develops improperly. A labial frenectomy can easily correct this, improving speech.

Additional Problems if Untreated

If either frenum is not properly addressed, it can make brushing and flossing extremely difficult. Left untreated, tooth decay and the potential for gum disease become a real possibility.

Frenectomy Procedure

For those frenum in need of repair, the proper surgical term is a maxillary frenectomy. Surprisingly, this process takes less than fifteen minutes. Once completed, results are immediate.

Patients will be able to speak more clearly and brushing and flossing become much easier to do. This, in turn, helps to keep their oral cavity much cleaner and helps them to avoid invasive surgical procedures in the future.

Schedule With Your Marton, NJ Periodontist Today!

Whether a frenum is causing problems or not, our office can provide the proper assessment and treatment for the issue. Come see us today at Periodontal Health Professionals for an assessment. You can also call us at (856) 702-4340 to schedule your appointment.

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Frenectomy Marlton NJ
The frenum is the connective tissue beneath the tongue & behind the upper lip. Dr. Gail Childers performs frenectomies when there are issues. Call now!
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