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Symptoms of Gum Disease
Marlton & Turnersville, NJ

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Woman with dental pain due to gum disease.While most patients have heard of gum disease and some might even know some of the symptoms, most are unaware it can greatly impact their overall medical health. While they may realize gum disease can cause bleeding of the gums and bone loss in both the upper and lower jaws, they are unaware that it can contribute to heart disease. A multi-stage disease, the earliest stage is gingivitis. For those patients who have gingivitis, it is imperative they receive treatment because this is the only stage in which the disease can be cured. Once in the later stages, patients have to maintain the disease, coming in for multiple appointments several times a year.

Patients need to do self-inspections regularly and if they notice discolored discharge or persistent bleeding from the gums they need to come in for an assessment. This will determine what stage gum disease the patient has, and the best course of treatment that is necessary. We are always available to see patients at Periodontal Health Professionals.

Complications of Gum Disease

It is interesting that the very bacteria which causes the periodontal disease is necessary to help the mouth break down bits of food, aiding indigestion. The difference is when the levels of bacteria rise to dangerous levels. If not cleaned from teeth, these bacteria can turn destructive becoming tartar which then becomes plaque over time. It cannot be removed by brushing alone. Patients will need to see a professional to have it removed.

Those patients who fail to remain consistent with their oral hygiene by brushing and flossing will suffer the consequences. Patients also need to visually inspect their mouths while brushing and flossing. Make note of blood in the washbowl following brushing and any strange discoloration or growths on the gum tissue.

Different Stages

As with any disease, early detection helps in the treatment outcome. As the disease progresses from gingivitis to moderate gum disease and finally advanced gum disease, symptoms will worsen, and the patient will suffer greatly. Once it moves beyond gingivitis, the disease is not curable and will become a lifelong commitment for the patient. It can no longer be treated but merely managed. The symptoms will be managed rather than cured.

This lifelong commitment involves what is known as periodontal maintenance. Every three months, the patient will have to come in for a deep cleaning, which is far more involved than a normal cleaning. This cleaning can include root scaling and scraping which entails removing bacteria from these surfaces. Doing this procedure will make it more difficult for bacteria to take hold of the root surfaces.

Due to the disease being so progressive, it is vital patients take notice and come in for treatment as soon as it is discovered. This disease can wreak havoc on other systems in the body including the respiratory system and the circulatory system. This is just one reason why patients need to take the diagnosis seriously and come in for a professional evaluation at Periodontal Health Professionals. Our friendly staff will be glad to help you. Call us at this number (856) 702-4340 to get your appointment scheduled today.

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Symptoms of Gum Disease Marlton NJ
Learn more about the symptoms of gum disease & the different stages. Self-assessment is crucial. We can help! Call us to schedule an appointment today!
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