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Tooth Extraction Marlton NJ

Diagram of a tooth being extracted at Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJWhile many patients fear having a tooth pulled, or extracted, an extraction may be necessary to maintain the overall health of their oral cavity. Whether caused by lack of oral hygiene, an extraction, or by some trauma, losing a tooth can cause some level of anxiety.

Exodontia is the professional term to describe having a tooth professionally removed. Most people are more familiar with the word extraction. A tooth extraction is warranted when a patient has suffered an injury to their mouth or if they are suffering from periodontal disease. The most frequently extracted teeth are the wisdom teeth.

Certainly, extractions are common procedures, but our office will look for other options before recommending it. In order to make a proper recommendation, however, we will need to perform an evaluation. Please come see us today at our offices located at Periodontal Health Professionals to find out more.

Am I in Need of an Extraction?

There are different types of extractions employed in different situations. While they all involve the removal of the tooth from the supportive gum structure, they are recommended for different reasons.

The most basic extraction is called a simple extraction. This involves the application of a numbing agent to the gum and tooth in need of extraction. This is applied so the patient does not feel the procedure and can remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the surgery. With gentle pressure, the tooth is taken out with the use of specialized tools and techniques.

The surgical extraction is more involved and typically reserved for those teeth which are in need of being extracted but remain impacted deep within the jawbone. What this means is the tooth failed to properly erupt through the gum tissue and remains in the jaw.

While it may sound painful, in some instances the effected tooth may have to be broken into multiple pieces to make for easier extraction. This occurs with greater frequency with wisdom teeth. We practice sedation dentistry techniques so our patients can relax and be comfortable throughout the surgical procedure. The patients will not feel any pain or discomfort and can expect a full recovery in just a few days.

Aftercare for Tooth Extractions

At the advent of extractions, patients would often die due to infections caused by unsanitary conditions. Now, hundreds of years later, the process has been constantly improved.

With the use of high-tech procedures and devices, the extraction process has eliminated the possibility of infection and improved the patient's level of satisfaction. With just a few days of rest, patients can resume their normal daily routines.

Patients should keep their heads slightly raised when lying down during the recovery period. It will help to diminish any swelling. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication is recommended as well to help keep the swelling down.

Schedule With Your Periodontist in Marlton, NJ Today!

Whether through trauma, disease, or neglect, any patients who have damaged teeth that are in need of extraction should come to us for an evaluation. Our office is located at Periodontal Health Professionals. Come see us in person or simply call this number to either discuss or schedule an office visit to provide the necessary evaluation and treatment recommendation.

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Tooth Extraction Marlton NJ
Tooth extractions, including wisdom tooth removal, is sometimes the best restorative option to preserve your oral health. Learn more here & call us today!
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